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Become a Partner


ibbert & McGee specializes in providing businesses of every size with their inventory needs as Vermont’s premier distributor of candy, grocery, snacks, HBC & tobacco. We realize not every organization is the same, that is why we offer both by-the-piece and by-the-case inventory ordering solutions. Whether you are a concession stand, mom & pop shop, or a multi-location store, Hibbert and McGee partners with you to keep your shelves stocked.


Why Choose Hibbert and McGeeWhy Choose Hibbert & McGee as YOUR Wholesaler?


For over 55 years Hibbert & McGee has been providing candy, tobacco, snacks, grocery and HBC products for both small and large businesses across Northern and Central Vermont. Originally a tobacco product supplier, Hibbert & McGee has grown into a full line convenience store wholesaler with products in every major inventory category. This allows us to keep your store shelves stocked so that you can worry about what’s important, your customers. At Hibbert & McGee we believe in partnering with our customers!

Knowing how to help retailers balance and meet their inventory demands is what we do best. We are committed to the growth of our partners, regardless of their size, and have honed our ordering, warehouse and delivery process for 100% accuracy – guaranteed. Warehouse management and order fulfillment accuracy are maximized through the use of RF Receiving and the PickRight, a hands free picking system that instantly verifies each and every item. This is important because our partners operate on lean margins and can’t cover for missing or incorrect inventory. In the event that a mistake is made we have procedures in place to correct the problem if one should arise.

In addition, the team at Hibbert & McGee continually monitors industry trends and new product information, to help our partners make the right product decisions. We leverage our relationship with the Vermont Grocers’ Association and the Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores in order to utilize the networks so that we can keep informed on the latest industry developments.

Hibbert & McGee aims to provide the finest and most complete service to our partners and customize that service to meet each customer’s individual and unique needs. Whether you want to do your own inventory control, with one of our complimentary wireless ordering devices, or have one of our trained, professional sales members visit your store weekly and complete the ordering for you; Hibbert & McGee will work with you to develop a program that exceeds your expectations.

To find out how we can help you increase profitability with great products, hassle-free ordering, and superior customer service, Contact Hibbert & McGee Wholesalers today!

Our Product Categories

  • Tobacco Products
  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Groceries
  • Paper Goods
  • Coffee
  • Refrigerated & Frozen Food

  • Produce
  • Health & Beauty
  • Automotive & Sundries
  • Store Supplies
  • Foodservice
  • MORE!

 The Hibbert & McGee Way

From Order to Store

Placing your order is easy and hassle free at Hibbert & McGee. Using our complimentary wireless ordering device you, or one of our professional sales team members, simply scan the item from the shelf or the product catalog and the item is automatically added to the order. Once you have completed scanning your order, link the ordering device to your wireless network or computer and press send.
Hibbert & McGee receives your order immediately and sends it directly to our warehouse team. In the warehouse our pickers receive the order on our PickRight system. As they pull your order from the warehouse shelves they scan each and every item into the PickRight so that we can independently verify that you receive the correct items. In the event that we miss an item, the PickRight will alert us to the error so that we can correct it before it becomes a problem. Once your order has been picked it is loaded onto a truck for the next days delivery.
After the order has been loaded onto the truck our drivers will deliver your order to your store or business. So that it can be put on your shelves and sold to your valuable customers.

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