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Distributor of the Finest Coffee Solution

One vital aspect of every convenience store operation is having quality, hot, fresh coffee. This is because 96% of coffee buyers go into your store to specifically purchase your freshly brewed cup of joe. Furthermore 2/3’s of these coffee buyers will do so four or more times every week, making them a loyal customer base whose money is a reliable source of revenue. In order to help gain your customer’s loyalty Hibbert & McGee provides the best and easiest solution for the hottest and freshest cup of coffee.

Keurig Coffee RackThe Keurig Advantage

Because we believe that coffee is one of the most important revenue makers in your business Hibbert & McGee provides the hottest and freshest coffee solution available – the commercial Keurig Machine. The Keurig System provides dependable fresh taste without the hassle. Unlike traditional coffee brewing methods that require one or more of your employees to fill a coffee filter with coffee, brew the batch and then transfer the coffee from the pot to a dispenser unit which can then sit for hours getting old and stale, the Keurig leverages the power of perfectly portioned K-Cups to produce an individually brewed cup of coffee that is hot, fresh and tastes great. Furthermore, because each cup is brewed individually you can provide your customers with a greater variety of coffee, giving them the choices they desire.

How K Cups WorkHow It Works

The Keurig machine uses Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cup packs to quickly brew a unique cup of coffee that tastes great every time. Our commercial machines hook directly into your water line so that you do not have to constantly refill any reservoir, saving on time and making it easier to keep clean. The machine then heats the water to the ideal temperature for the best flavor before pumping the water into the K-Cup unit.  The individual K-Cup is a sealed delivery mechanism that uses an internal filter to quickly brew the coffee when activated by the Keurig machine. The end result is a fresh cup of coffee without the mess.

Commerical Keurig MachineMachine Rentals

Because we believe the price should not be the obstacle between you and a profitable business. Hibbert & McGee has a Commercial Keurig machine leasing program so that you can start making money immediately. Depending on your lease agreement we may be able to provide the machine free of charge!

Other Coffee Options

In addition to our K-Cup line of coffee Hibbert & McGee has traditional ground coffee that will work perfectly with the equipment you already own.

Bunn Coffee MachineBunn Axiom Air Pot Twin Commercial

Coffee Supplements:

Coffee doesn’t just stop when the coffee is poured. Hibbert & McGee provides all the essentials for the perfect coffee experience. From milk and half and half dispensers to sugar and flavoring options. We have cup sizes ranging from from a small 10 oz to an extra large 24oz cup. Contact a sales person today to find out how Hibbert & McGee can transform your coffee service!


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