Located in Pittsfield, Vermont, along historic country Route 100 and just minutes from the Killington ski area, The Original General Store serves a community that supports organic and local farms. Shopping at The Original General Store gives you the feeling of times past when “Hand Made”, “Hand Crafted” and “Made in America” mattered. It did then and it does now.

Staying true to its roots by offering the finest assortment of organic, Vermont-made products such as Maple syrup, specialty foods, apparel, accessories, bath and body care, hand carved furniture and gift items, The Original General Store will help to remind you of that treasured Vermont experience. The Original General Store products will stand the test of time, with built to last, tough and rugged quality that can weather any harsh winter storm.

It is a unique place that will take you back in time when things were simple, neighbors knew neighbors and there was a strong sense of community. Experience full service Vermont country store shopping and enjoy fine quality products that are built to last a lifetime. Shop at The Original General Store and become part of our neighborhood!