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The Cream MachineThe Cream Machine

Your customers want cream for their coffee. You want to deliver a quality beverage that’s hassle-free and low-cost. Introducing the Cream Machine, the single best way to include cream in your cafeteria, convenience store, food service or restaurant.

Its Easy

There are no tools necessary, and no special expertise required to operate our creamer dispenser. Simply place the product bag right into the machine. It’s a totally enclosed system and the bag fits perfectly. There’s no refrigeration needed, until the bag is opened. Then the cream is cooled by the machine, which also comes equipped with a self-defrosting system. Best of all, there’s no clean-up necessary. Both the bag and nozzle are fully disposable.

It’s Good – and Good for You

Importantly, we don’t use chemicals. Our cream is fresh, 100% natural made right here in the USA. It’s the healthy choice. That’s why it tastes so good — consistently, time and time again

It Eliminates Wast

Did you know that over 35% of creamer cups are wasted or removed from the premises for later use? The Cream Machine eliminates both pilferage and waste in your beverage station. There are no cups to take. And with precise delivery of the cream from the nozzle, customers take only what they will use. By reducing cream cup waste, the Cream Machine is an environmentally friendly solution. There’s also no wasted counter space. The Cream Machine measures a compact 9.5 inches wide.

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