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Quality Tobacco and Cigarette Distributor

Hibbert & McGee is Vermont’s premier cigarette and tobacco wholesale distributor.  Serving northern Vermont for over fifty years, Hibbert & McGee has built a solid reputation for providing outstanding service and offering the complete selection that c-stores need to create a successful business.

Box of CigarettsCIGARETTES

Hibbert & McGee is a licensed wholesaler for the states of Vermont and New Hampshire offering a complete line of cigarettes from premium brands like Marlboro, Camel and Newport to discount brands such as Ace, Eagle, Fortuna, Pyramid and Sonoma and specialty brands such as American Spirit. Not only does Hibbert & McGee distribute 46 different brands of cigarettes, they provide the full selection of styles for these different brands – with over 460 different styles (Kings, 100’s, Light and Menthol) – so you know that you be able to stock exactly what your customer wants to buy.

Tobacco Rolling MachineTOBACCO

The tobacco market in Vermont has changed over the past few years.  Roll-Your-Own (RYO) tobacco and pipe tobacco, along with rolling papers, cigarette tubes and cigarette rolling machines have grown in importance to convenience store owners, as more smokers discover this less expensive alternative to rolled cigarettes. Hibbert & McGee maintains a complete inventory of these tobacco products and smoker’s supplies. Some of the tobacco brands currently offered include: American Spirit, Action, Dark Horse, Gambler, Largo, Ohm and 4 Aces. These brands of loose tobacco are also available in different styles such as: Full Flavor, Light and Menthol. Offering these products that once were only available in a tobacco shop lets your store serve an entirely new market of potential customers.


‘Little cigars’ and ‘small cigars’ have grown in popularity in Vermont due to their attractive pricing. Hibbert & McGee maintains a complete inventory of the most popular brands and styles of these items, as well as more traditional cigars. Little and small cigars look and are packaged like cigarettes, but have a tobacco wrapper instead of the paper wrapper used by cigarettes. The difference between ‘little’ and ‘small’ is determined by the weight of tobacco used to produce 1000 ‘sticks’ of product, and the differentiation  is used primarily for the purpose of taxation.


Cigarette & Tobacco Licensing Information for VT and NH


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