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Wi-Fi In Your Store? Why Having a Wi-Fi Network is Good for Business

Wi-Fi In Your Store?

Technology moves fast, really fast. I was struck by this fact as I was browsing the shelves of one of my favorite second hand retailers – ReSource. Among other things ReSource refurbishes older computers and sells them at steep discount to lower-income individuals who cannot afford newer technology. Inside their Burlington, VT location, on the top shelf of their computer department, sat three pristine antique computers – A Commodore 64C, Radio Shack TRS – 80 and an IBM 5150.

Unfortunately the computers were on display and not for sale; otherwise I would have been leaving with a much lighter wallet. However the point is, these once top-of-the-line computers are a little over 30 years old and have / had less processing power than a modern day calculator.

Understandably, with technology moving as fast as it does, many retailers can’t keep up with the current technological trends. This is extremely unfortunate as there are a number of places that retailers could use technology to assist in store operations. One of the most under-used pieces of technology that retailers could be taking advantage of is Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is the popular slang term for a wireless network, which provides its users with a connection to high speed internet. Almost every consumer device being produced today requires some sort of internet connection, often times delivered via a Wi-Fi network.

Why Offer Wi-Fi Internet Your Store?

Is Free Wi-Fi available in your store?We live in a digitally connected world, according to Forbes over 56% of the American population now have and carry a smartphone. Often times these smartphones are connected to the internet via a cellular network, however due to data restrictions users have to be careful when browsing the internet on the go – so that they don’t use more than their allotted amount of data on the cell network. To avoid cellular overages smartphone and mobile device users connect to Wi-Fi networks whenever possible. This connection gives them the ability to freely connect to their favorite websites, applications, news feeds and other digital services. These wi-fi internet connection points are referred to as Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Wi-Fi hotspots become gathering places where people will travel to and stop at. By offering free wi-fi you offer a service to your current customer base, as well as entice other potential customers to visit your store.

Capitalizing on “Free” Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Landing page:

You can set up your wi-fi hotspot to direct users to a landing page upon connecting to the network. Use this landing page to advertise your business and your product offerings. This is the perfect place to promote store sales, as well as place a deli menu. A well-crafted landing page can have up to a 60% conversion rate.

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Browser Advertisements:

Once connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot you can display advertisements directly onto your customer’s computers. Theses advertisements can either be for products in your store, or you can work with an ad agency to place other advertisements on the network.

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Free With Purchase:

One other option is to require a purchase in order to gain access to the wireless network. By doing this you encourage sales, however you also discourage the use of the network.

To find out more information on adding wi-fi to your store contact Hibbert & McGee – Your partner in success.

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